‘anary Wharf ….

Been meaning to make it here for an age. Was bloody cold – but deliciously quiet. Will be going back for more when it’s a little less arctic …

Madness of Machines

MY BELOVED MacBook has finally lost the plot – it put these diptychs together without me asking it to. Insanity or genius?

… and now for something completely different ….

Supposed to be taking flash portraits. Could have run these through photoshop – but kind of didn’t want to. Quite like the warts and all + silliness look.

Blue Thursday

Time to get back on the horse – had my 550d stolen … but the 450d still works. Will stop sulking. Patiently waiting for 7d to wing its way from Hong Kong. Patience Patience Patience Anyway – this is kind of what it looks like on the way to a normal work day. With a bit of added blue. And the wrong WB just…

Steps retraced

This is where I was on Friday but didn’t really notice because I was either talking too much, or trying to keep up with James and Patrick – who are both eight foot tall and walk a bit faster than me… I had to ask for special permission to go into the recycling place – which was a bit exciting as the blokey in…

Market Twosies

Have always meant to do this – go to a market and make up lots of diptychs. Done. Very satisfying – next?