My Big Fat Civil Partnership ?

Pictures from the Gay and Lesbian wedding fair in Brighton yesterday.

Some old faces

A peculiar night – some people that I worked with about 12 years ago. Haven’t seen most of them in the interim period. I’d like to say they really haven’t changed – but the best I can do is conceede they have changed in an alarmingly predictable fashion!

‘cos every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed … priest?

The priest at Gwen and Will’s wedding in Prague … Seriously, way too cool for church.  

747 – not just a jet …

…. also the number of pictures I took at Gwen and Will’s wedding / hen night etc. Felt like this was my first proper wedding. Am hugely pleased my computer didn’t melt when I uploaded all the images, to celebrate I’m putting up this little dip of Gwen and Will and Gwen’s lovely parents (that I want to adopt) More – many many more…


UNBELIEVABLE – a friend (the very talented Mr Keiler) called me the other day and asked if I fancied taking some pics of Damian Marley at the O2. No light . Musicians that bounce about like zebedee on speed – all very challenging. But fun. More later