Middle of the road

Remembered to bend my knees for this one ….


Learning Curve Flatlining …

I have taken some truly terrible pictures this weekend. Horrible. Still getting used to how wide the Lomo is … and the fact that I need to bend my bloody knees a bit to avoid the composition being wretched … sigh. (Thank you to the nice guy who let me disturb his morning coffee.)


Attacking your flatmate with a camera when she’s only been awake for 5 minutes is not illegal … yet.

Round my way

First black and white negative scan from some pictures taken with the little Lomo LCA … definite learning curve but I like it!

Ghetto Merc?

Not sure how people living in Winders Road will feel about the ‘Ghetto’ part of this post!

Holy Holden

Holy Holden at St Mary’s Music Hall