Learning Curve Flatlining …

I have taken some truly terrible pictures this weekend. Horrible. Still getting used to how wide the Lomo is … and the fact that I need to bend my bloody knees a bit to avoid the composition being wretched … sigh. (Thank you to the nice guy who let me disturb his morning coffee.)


Attacking your flatmate with a camera when she’s only been awake for 5 minutes is not illegal … yet.

Round my way

First black and white negative scan from some pictures taken with the little Lomo LCA … definite learning curve but I like it!

Ghetto Merc?

Not sure how people living in Winders Road will feel about the ‘Ghetto’ part of this post!

Holy Holden

Holy Holden at St Mary’s Music Hall

This might be me slightly, but it totally isn’t.

It seems strange that taking someone’s picture has so little to do with them and so much to do with you – no, me. You get what I mean.

Me and My Friends

Me and my Friends at St Mary’s Music Hall on Thursday