Stalking in Trafalgar Square

I can’t focus – hey, not so important for a photographer. More practice needed.
Lots of fun just blatantly taking pictures of people with a stupid big 70 – 200mm. Nobody shouted at me – which is always good.


One Comment on “Stalking in Trafalgar Square

  1. I quite honestly find them all amazing. With the exceptions of the young fellow at the top with the amazing fringe of hair, and the man with the stupid smile, most people look grim or at least rather serious. People’s hair is definitely significant. Asking for comments, of course, invites people to work out what the photos you take tell us about you. I think just about all of them catch people either oblivious of you or simply ignoring you. They are all thinking their own private thoughts. Whether consciously or deliberately or not or not it looks to me as if you were trying to get shots of people deep in thought.

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