Brompton Cemetery

Freaked out – could barely stand still long enough to take the bloody pictures. Nightmares for a month. Why do I do this to myself !!

Halloween #2

An Early Halloween …

Rachel and Harriet had a party …

Britain Needs A Pay Rise #1

Some fairly rubbish pictures of the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march – better than nothing. Better next time!

Drink up

St John’s Hill Street Festival

Walkie Talkie




… hadn’t seen him for thirteen years!!

Katie and Seb Bournemouth July 2014

Ok so when I said no more wedding photography – I clearly lied.
But this is it – all done and dusted.
This is a small selection of – not necessarily the best shots but – the shots I liked the best … maybe because they caught the moment, or were just plain daft, or … pleasing in some other way …