Chelsea Physic Garden


Stories from the picket line – or something equally pretentious …

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Cambridge January 2020

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People Walking

Ten minutes practice … I’m beginning to understand what’s wrong ….

People Walking-3People Walking-2People Walking-4


This is one of those posts that I’m just putting here so I can look back at it in the future and feel happy about the progress I’ve made. I have very little idea what I’m doing in terms of focus – just in case that isn’t obvious …. all feedback welcome. #shouldijusttakeupcrochet


All across the frame

… all taken in Hyde Park thsi afternoon.


Hyde Park postings-7Hyde Park postings-6Hyde Park postings-4

Some random snapshots

A mixed bunch of pictures from today’s wanderings

Saturday-8Saturday-7Saturday-6Saturday-5Saturday-4Saturday-3Saturday-2SaturdayWonky tate

Park Life.

Hyde Park today – one woman shouted at me becuase she thought i was taking pictures of her flipping dog. Some rich people need to get a hold of themselves. Anyway – these two didn’t shout at me – I don’t think they even noticed me, which is just the way I likes it!

Park Life



Brick Lanewards for Marine

Go to Brick Lane – take pictures of the graffiti. Ok – I’ll give it a go. I haven’t managed to break away from the myriad clichés – I may need to go back and try this again – a few thousand times. But as always it was fun trying.


Step into the light?

Trying to get used to the new little camera …. I know it is capable of great great things … but the other day I took a picture of my friend which was perfecty exposed appart from …. her whole head! So – I suppose this is a step up from that!! Ah the joys of learning 🙂

Light Stepper.jpg