A day trip to the seaside. Great weather, delicious food – and some random tourist snaps …


ANOTHER day out with the Lumix. I forgot about exposure compensation – next time I’ll be on it. Town is still pretty quiet, I realise I have a strange obsession with getting pictures with just one person in them, I love the Blatavnik building – and my brother isn’t a hardened crim … the camera does actually lie.

Relearning the little lumix

AS I have some time at the moment I thought I’d reaquaint myself with the little Lumix (DMC LF1 bought about a million years ago as a reward for something or other …) It took me a while to figure some of it out again … and it still needs some work, but overall I’m not disappointed with the results and Chelsea Physic Garden is always an obliging model. (I promise the next post will be of somewhere different.)

Snapshots from Norwich

Getting to grips with the little Lumix fun camera …