Life on the XIV


Low light conditions. low intelligence conditions – mine, not theirs!

Blue Thursday

Time to get back on the horse – had my 550d stolen … but the 450d still works.
Will stop sulking.
Patiently waiting for 7d to wing its way from Hong Kong.

Anyway – this is kind of what it looks like on the way to a normal work day. With a bit of added blue.
And the wrong WB just for fun.

Steps retraced

This is where I was on Friday but didn’t really notice because I was either talking too much, or trying to keep up with James and Patrick – who are both eight foot tall and walk a bit faster than me…

I had to ask for special permission to go into the recycling place – which was a bit exciting as the blokey in charge told me I wasn’t really allowed to be there but that he’d give me 5 minutes. Scamper scamper scamper snap snap snap.


So – I am beginning to realise more and more that to be a really good photographer , for some kinds of pictures you really have to have an idea of what you want BEFORE you shoot. It’s not always enough to be in the right place at the right time.

I want some fairly standard pictures of my High Street , a collection of full street scenes and close up details. A mixture of B&W and colour.

The place is a bit dilapidated but has lots of multi cultural charm. Can I go out and capture any of this??

Let’s see ….. Here we go  – laters.



What do you think?


Sunday Best

Met this delightful trio on my wanderings. They’d been to The Church at the Grand in Clapham Junction.

All properly wasted – but happy to have their photo taken by a random stranger …

Looking for a place to shoot

Went out yesterday evening looking for some quirky locations for future shoots. Am still a bit obsessed with little grungy urban corners.

All I need now are some models to put in them …

Sod Waterloo – this is Battersea

Castle Japes

More silliness at The Castle in Battersea. There’s never enough light and always too much sambuca in these kinds of pictures – but I love people and their pub expressions.
Hmmm … maybe I should start a project ….

Daniel and his face …