Clapham Junction

Just to prove that I don’t have to get up early – I got up early to take pictures of the people that do …. ? Hmmm. Whatever – had to get a special pass from the station to say I wasn’t planning to blow the place up …


A little Christmassing with Ms Sam and Friends

More kinky konstructions

RCA Roundness 2-2

RCA Roundness 2-3

RCA Roundness 2-4

RCA Roundness 2

RCA Roundness 3-2

RCA Roundness 3-3

RCA Roundness 3

Building Porn …

RCA Roundness-3

RCA Roundness-2

RCA Roundness-4

RCA Roundness-5

RCA Roundness

Life in the …..

… rain?

Life in the rain

Life in the rain-4

Life in the rain-3

Life in the rain-5

I love this fucking place ….

Sloane Square Sunday

Sloane Square Sunday-2

Sloane Square Sunday-3

Sloane Square Sunday-5

Sloane Square Sunday-6

Sloane Square Sunday-4

Trees, my sister and a bin man …

Everything is a bit rubbish at the moment … so here are some pictures of my London at night …

Weekly Challenge – Illumination

Juxtaposition – Have it.