Wallace Collection

A trip to see the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square … very tucked away … and lots of things to photograph …

Joe and Kevin 12.07.2015

A few of my fav BW pics from the day …

More IELTS fun in the sun …

From the darkroom floor?

A few that didn’t make it in the last time around …

Out and about in Shoreditch

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Hanging with my boy Basil … (Swiss Cottage Library. Arch: Sir Basil Spence)

My favourite (Vauxhall) Bus Station like ever …. (Arch. ARUP assoc.)

Graham told me they’re going to tear this down to make way for some development or other …. does anyone know if he’s right??

The Academy of the Dark Arts – Part One (The institute of Education – Arch. Denys Lasdun )

Reptiles at The World’s End Finsbury Park