Tottenham Court Road and Neal’s Yard

Thought I’d give my old face a break for the day – back tomorrow – and I’ve just acquired a red wig. In the meantime here is a little bit of town.

Portrait Break Wednesday-2Portrait Break Wednesday-3Portrait Break WednesdayPortrait Break Wednesday-4

Poods, Clapham 2019.

Daft croissant-shaped cat. Focus is still an issue – this is the best of a bad lot … more practice needed!


This is not what I should be doing.

I should be reading some seminal academic work on something with too many syllables … but here’s this instead. Loving the little Lomo more and more in the sunshine …

Lomoshine 1-2Lomoshine 1

Lomo + Sunshine + London

Lomoshine 1-3

Holy Holden

Holy Holden at St Mary’s Music Hall

Holy H (1 of 1)


George (1 of 1)

This might be me slightly, but it totally isn’t.

It seems strange that taking someone’s picture has so little to do with them and so much to do with you – no, me. You get what I mean.

Kieron 1st June (3 of 4)

Me and My Friends

Me and my Friends at St Mary’s Music Hall on Thursday

me and my friends (1 of 1)


Kieron from The Cabinet of Living Cinema in mid pout. Must be a viola player thing…


Text Me ?

Lunchtime texters getting a quick preprandial fix