Lomo + Sunshine + London

Lomoshine 1-3

Holy Holden

Holy Holden at St Mary’s Music Hall

Holy H (1 of 1)


George (1 of 1)

This might be me slightly, but it totally isn’t.

It seems strange that taking someone’s picture has so little to do with them and so much to do with you – no, me. You get what I mean.

Kieron 1st June (3 of 4)

Me and My Friends

Me and my Friends at St Mary’s Music Hall on Thursday

me and my friends (1 of 1)


Kieron from The Cabinet of Living Cinema in mid pout. Must be a viola player thing…


Text Me ?

Lunchtime texters getting a quick preprandial fix


Like immediately …

NOW (1 of 1).jpg

Clapham Junction

Just to prove that I don’t have to get up early – I got up early to take pictures of the people that do …. ? Hmmm. Whatever – had to get a special pass from the station to say I wasn’t planning to blow the place up …


A Trip on the 344

A horrible day – if I’m honest …