Waiting #2

As long as I have to wait – you have to endure these ridiculous self portraits.




Back once again ….

It’s been a while. Computer woes. State of mind woes – all the usual bollocks.
Here are a few pics from the end of term.

Street Photography is Rubbish.

Today I am mostly annoyed.
Here is the evidence.

Meek and Able … seriously you couldn’t make that shit up

…. Look at the Policemen’s name tags



Mix and match

Beginnings of terms and photos don’t necessarily mix. Unless you make them.
I love the feel of the picture of Graham, all that light , and his pointy shoes and white hair – it’s a shame David’s foot is in shot. I’m sure it’s a lovely foot in it’s own right. Just wish it had been somewhere else …

Miss Oh

TK and Net

This one particularly appealed to me …