Poods, Clapham 2019.

Daft croissant-shaped cat. Focus is still an issue – this is the best of a bad lot … more practice needed!


This is not what I should be doing.

I should be reading some seminal academic work on something with too many syllables … but here’s this instead. Loving the little Lomo more and more in the sunshine …

Lomoshine 1-2Lomoshine 1

Holy Halloween Part 2

A mix of customers and staff from the Holy Drinker …

Holy Halloween

Staff at the Holy Drinker

I love this fucking place ….

Sloane Square Sunday

Sloane Square Sunday-2

Sloane Square Sunday-3

Sloane Square Sunday-5

Sloane Square Sunday-6

Sloane Square Sunday-4

Holy Details – more from the Holy Drinker …





Just for the sake of it …



Meek and Able … seriously you couldn’t make that shit up

…. Look at the Policemen’s name tags

From Clapham to Lewisham – via Victoria

I love stations
I love Commuters
I love London
How fortuitous …

Trees, my sister and a bin man …