Breakfast with the Colombians (3/3)

The 87 took me to breakfast with these guys. 

View From The Top (2/3)

So the first part of the day I mentioned in the last post started off with me getting obesessed with taking pictures from the top of the 87 to Aldwych. A good game , for anyone that fancies it.

Threeway Split (1/3)

Yesterday was a day of thirds.

The first third – bumped into these ladies on the ground floor – hair and beauty end of year show apparently. Who knew.

Honey and Monochrome

Not Much Going on This Week.

At work. In the pub after work. On the bus home from work – taking pictures from the bus is fun …

An idle Sunday

From All Over

it may not look like it – but this is people having fun …



Not taking photos is like being blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back.So even – if they’re rubbish and out of focus and of a slightly dodgy-looking breakfast – I have to take photos.

Castle Wake