An idle Sunday

From All Over

it may not look like it – but this is people having fun …



Not taking photos is like being blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back.So even – if they’re rubbish and out of focus and of a slightly dodgy-looking breakfast – I have to take photos.

Castle Wake

All food groups covered – right?

Nutrition the Honey & Venom way.

A nice bit of brindle

Spin spin, Sugar.

An old pic dredged from some dark and smudgy place – but I still quite like it. The dark eye of London – spooky!

Cecil. Not mine. He makes me sneeze.

… but he makes a damned fine model.

Pure Cheese

Some party pictures from ‘ Festival of Dale’ (Dale’s 30th)

I don’t know – do we like bog standard diptychs – or do they transcend the boundaries of acceptable cheesiness?

Face Value

Need to choose 10 of these  – which ones shoould go?