Face Value

Need to choose 10 of these  – which ones shoould go?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Danny Brown.

In Need of Film

Leftovers from the last couple of days.

Not thrilled with anything.

Want to play with film … watch this space.

Portobello Gold

Too many people to take pictures, will try again some day when it’s not Saturday …

Tales of the City

(Featuring Mr Itchy, The Smoochie Bunnies, and a man just about to stick his thumb up his nose )

Lunchtime on Bishopsgate,  and Spitalfields.

A girl, some wooden folk, a Square and a Garden

Out and about in London Town … but before I even got to the lions and the man on  the column, I was distracted by these slightly spooky wooden folk. (Created by Polish sculptor Robert Koenig, currently hanging about doing their freakiy thang around St Martins in-the-field )

Anyway … back to the Square (Trafalgar)

… and on to the garden (Covent )

Bit full …

More tomorrow – plus some tales from the City.

Moving House


We, my photos and I, have moved house. It just wasn’t happening at Blogger.

More later. Off to carry a bin up a hill.