How to illuminate a bobble …

Oh my goodness gracious – this self portrait thing is no joke – especially when you only have two hands and a very small brain. The only way I could get any light on the top of my head was by shinning iphone torch at my hat with one hand and then ussing remote control with the other. Quite sure this is how all the greats do it … (Yesterday’s headscarf was today’s background.)

Illuminate a bobble1Illuminate a bobble2

Yellow – minus the mellow.

Thought I should actually try and take some portraits. UnfortunAtely, the only face that I could find … was my own. Wanted to mess about with full on direct flash – almost mug shot style.

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Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Royal College of mind warping verticals and horizontals (Royal College of Physicians Arch: Denys Lasdun))

Buses and momentary lapses

After what seems like an eternity – I finally have a new (replacement) camera and lenses.

The 7d is indeed a thing of wonder – the shutter release sounds like a tractor, and there will definitely be an adjustment period where I become fully acquainted with all its many new-fangled dials and buttons … but I loves it, I do.

So for our first outing (after buying an elephantine CF card that felt like it was the size of a small … ummm …. elephant?) we went to The Junction and encountered amongst other things :

A man who appeared to have momentarily forgotten how to ride his bicycle

A man who appeared to be (a) the only man in Clapham and (b) a bus whisperer

All taken with 10 – 22 mm …. yes I know ; obvious.