The Academy of the Dark Arts – Part One (The institute of Education – Arch. Denys Lasdun )

Walkie Talkie



Guinness Court, Snowsfield, Southwark.


Take me back to Trellick

… rushed, bodged even …. but oh god … no more wedding photography. Please.

Ministry of Justice and Guards’ Chapel

The Ministry

Building Porn …

RCA Roundness-3

RCA Roundness-2

RCA Roundness-4

RCA Roundness-5

RCA Roundness

I love this fucking place ….

Sloane Square Sunday

Sloane Square Sunday-2

Sloane Square Sunday-3

Sloane Square Sunday-5

Sloane Square Sunday-6

Sloane Square Sunday-4

Old Street way

Went to see this at the ICN space in Shoreditch. Some pictures taken en route …

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